About Me

Jenni Parker

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Name - Jenni Parker

Email - jennip98@gmail.com

Skype - jennip98


Brief bio

I am a lecturer at Murdoch University and I am currently completing a Master of Education by Research at Murdoch University. My research focuses on authentic e-learning so I spend many hours on my computer working studying and exploring new technologies. 

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In 1999 I started a partnership business JenMar Services which provides contract Learning and Development services to the corporate and vocational education and training (VET) sectors. I am a qualified Cert IV workplace trainer and have a BA in Training & Development (ECU). Due to my lecturing demands I don't do much consulting work but when I do I  focus on designing and implementing e-learning solutions to meet my clients online learning needs.

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Personal snippets...

  • Born in Sydney, NSW and moved to Perth in 1982
  • Defacto Partner (Mark)
  • 3 defacto children (Ryan, Bree & Tara)
  • Daughter-in-law (Amanda) and defacto son-in-law (Nick)
  • Nanna to Samuel (3 years) and Elizabeth (10 months)
  • Favourite sport – was Scuba diving, now it’s walking
  • Favourite hobby - Building leadlight windows
  • Favourite foods - Anything hot and spicy
  • Favourite drinks – Fresh fruit juices, champagne and red wine