EDN205 Tasks

Website considerations report  (Task 1)

The information below has been provided to assist teachers who may be interested in creating their own class or personal website to support student learning.

When creating a website it is important to take into consideration key design and implementation issues. Web design and implementation issues may include: navigation, fonts, page layout, copyright, accessibility and credibility. 

View example web considerations report

Langwitches image
(langwitches, 21st century literacies, 2011)

ICT trends and issues report: History classroom (Task 2)

Researching how other teachers are integrating technology in their classrooms can help you generate ideas about how students can use technology as cognitive tools to complete real-world tasks in your own classroom. 

For this task I researched how other teachers are using technology in their history classrooms.

The three resources I found and discussed in the video are:

The video presentation below summarises the key trends and issues I identified from my research. It was created using PowerPoint, my iphone video recording feature and authorStream (a free online technology that automatically converts your PowerPoint presentations to online videos).

View ICT trends & issues video script  (Note: I need to create an example script & add link here)

Authentic learning project (Task 3)

Authentic Task (Task 3)

The teaching area I have selected for my authentic learning project is History. This project is designed for Year 7 students and the topic is Ancient Rome.

Authentic learning

Herrington (2006) and Lombardi (2007) agree when learners are immersed and engaged in authentic learning environments they are exposed to the complexities of ill-defined real-world problems that provide opportunities for students to learn and practice these important “portable skills”. The more students are exposed to authentic communities of learning the better prepared they will be to deal with “the messiness of real-life decision making” (Lombardi, 2007, p. 3) required in our rapidly changing global economy.

Cognitive tools


21st century learning

The increasing availability of new technologies provides the opportunity for educators to offer students a more authentic learning experience (Lombardi, 2007) but if educators ignore the potential of the Internet and affordances of new technologies (Reeves, Herrington & Oliver, 2002) they will fail to meet the needs of 21st century learners.